Sunday, April 23, 2017

Natural Skin Treatments for Over 50 Women

As she gets older, you will see more wrinkles, dark spots, and other aging signs on your mom’s face. Moreover, if she has been more than 50 years old, the signs will be clearly seen if she doesn’t get appropriate skin treatment. Besides, other factors such as sun damage, unhealthy diet, smoking, stress, obesity, gravity, etc. The older age slows down new cells production on skin. That is why the skin of over 50 is less elastic and more likely to get dryness.

If you love your mom and want to see her more beautiful than her age, you can ask her to have some natural skin treatments below after she gets 50 or older.

Ask Her Stop Smoking if She Smokes

Many researches have proven that smoking habits can make your skin get aged prematurely. So if your mother is a smoker, then you should ask her to stop so she can get healthier skin and body.

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Stop Tanning Treatment and Sunbathing

Sun damage will make aged skin worse, so avoid the 10am – 2pm sun because the lights are strongest in those hours. It could cause freckles, blotchy and more age spots. Ask your mom to wear protective hat, pants, long sleeves and sunglasses when she should go outside.

Always Use Sunscreen

To prevent the sun damage, your mother should always use sunscreen too. Creams with SPF 30 or higher as well as UVA and UVB protection should be applied on her face skin every day. It will prevent sun damage that leads to uneven skin tone and wrinkles.

Check Skin Health for Skin Cancer

If you find your mom’s skin changes with uncommon signs that worry you. Ask your mom to see her doctor because the older skin is fairer and have higher risk to skin disease. Make sure she check her skin up every year.

Soothe the Dry Skin

Remind your mom to always humidify her skin by using humidifier, as well as moisturizing lotions and soaps. Besides, the old skin should also be treat by consuming the right foods and drinks. With sufficient nutrition intakes and always hydrated skin with plentiful water consumption will make the skin repairs its cells faster. If the dry skin get worse, you may need to bring her to see a doctor.

Use Anti-Aging Products

In over 50 of age, your mother needs anti-aging products to help slowing down the aging process. There are many options of OTC products that works to rejuvenate skin and improve the natural beauty. One of the ingredients that are commonly contained by anti-aging products is Pentapeptides. It works to support skin cells producing collagens so the skin looks firmer. Otherwise, you can ask a skin doctor to prescribe anti-aging products or retinoid creams to fight skin aging signs.

Kinds of Skin Treatment

The old skin of your mom may need more treatments with larger effects such as Botox or dysport injections to improve the wrinkles. Besides, your mom also can have chemical peeling to smoothen skin and remove fine lines around the mouth and eyes. There are also other treatments to fight aging signs including wrinkle fillers, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, etc. Ask your mom to choose the most favorite treatment for her.