Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Affordable Options of Health Insurance for You and Family

The statistic shows great numbers of Americans that are not insured yet. For those who are unemployed, can’t find affordable health insurance, or cannot afford the health insurance provided by your employer, some options of affordable health insurance below may become your best choices. (Related Article: How to Get the Best Health Insurance)


The first place where you can get affordable health insurance is the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). It will become your best option to continue the health insurance from your previous employers if you are not employed anymore recently. Besides, it will be also a perfect choice for those who are going off to college, COBRA will accept your application by continuing your parents’ insurance coverage. If you recently lose your job or being in medical treatments, it will be a great solution. Take it as one of your health insurance options and then choose the best and most affordable one for you.

affordable health insurance

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Many people sometimes don’t realize that they can find affordable health insurance near them easily. For example, from the State’s Workers’ Compensation program coverage. When you should get medical treatment for injuries gotten in the work area, then the Workers’ Compensation program should be the treatment offered by your employer.


Many people also often overlook Medicaid as their affordable option of health insurance. Some people think that Medicaid is not for those who have a job. In fact, Medicaid can also be purchased by families or individuals that have low incomes. The eligibility requirements may be different in every state. It means that you can try finding Medicaid if you are working but still cannot afford any health insurance. Check if you or other family members are qualified for Medicaid first before checking the other choices. If you are not qualified today, always check the recent information about Medicaid, because you may get the chance in the future when your state add the health care benefits.


All people must know that Medicare is another best affordable health insurance and whether they are qualified or not for it. This health insurance is offered by government and the Social Security Administration is the institution that administers it. Medicare is a health insurance options for those who have been 65 years old or older. Besides, those who are disabled may be also qualified for Medicare with the Social Security disability benefits.

State’s High Risk Health Insurance Pool

Some people are turned down from health insurance companies for kinds of reason, including the high risks that make them less qualifies. If you face the same problem, then you can find the health insurance from the high risk insurance pool available in your state. Perhaps, it is not an affordable option of health insurance, but it can be the best health insurance option for family or individual if you are not qualified for COBRA and you have pre-existing conditions that make it difficult to find an affordable health insurance.

Therefore, just choose one of the health insurance above when you are unemployed and need to buy a new health insurance policy for you and family members.

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