Friday, March 10, 2017

What You Have to Do When Children Lie

Many adults lie every day. This kind of case can be found in many situations. People lie when they have to hide the truth. You might understand the reason why you are lying.

Some people believe that lying for good is not that wrong. However, this kind of behavior is actually not good at all. You have to admit that when you are lying, you have to make up another lie to cover the first lie. Therefore, it will be more complicated until you are being honest. At this point, you will regret your choice of lying at the very first time.

It is not just adult, kids sometime also lie too. For parents, it seems to be heartbreaking to know that their kids lie to them. For the kids, lie can be made for several reasons. Sometimes, your kids need a lie to establish identity.

when children lie

For example, when they feel that they need to be accepted by their peers, they make up stories that seem to be cool. Or else, kids can also lie when they do not want parents to butt in in their problems. Lastly, some kids will also lie if they think they do not get enough attention from the parents or teachers. If you find out that your kids lie to you, there is no need to be upset. You just have to do few things below so that your kids will understand.

No Scolding or Long Lecturing

There will be times when you catch your kids lying to you. If the condition happens, there is no need for you to get mad at all. It is better for you to ask them the real reason why they are lying. Scolding them because of lying will cause them to repeat the same mistake later. Instead, you should talk to them as a friend that will help them instead of scold them. However, you have to also tell them that lying is never right and how the effect will be bad to them.

In order to let your kids to understand your message, you should not make it complicated. It is never right to let them lie even though you get the excuse they made behind their lie. There is no need for you to lecture the kids about lying. You just need to make sure that you relay your message in short so that they will understand. It will be much better if your kids will never repeat the same mistake.

Let Them Talk

You should also make sure that you do not build any wall between you and your children. Sometimes, your children lie because they do not want to be scolded by your for their mistake. It is better for you to be a neutral and offer them a friendly solution to their problem. If you do it right, you will realize that your children can be the best buddy you can have.

Besides, it will also make your relationship with them closer than before. That is why talking is always recommended to strengthen the bound between parents and child.