Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tricks to Keep Your Active Children Health

Having active children is a blessing for the parent. You will be very happy to see your kid playing around, learning something new, communicate with their friends, and many more. It will be so sad if they are sick because of the unhealthy playing areas. There are several ways you can do to keep your active children health so they can explore everything more.

Healthy Foods

The first thing is considering their foods. It is a must for you to prepare healthy foods for your lovely children. It is important to ask your children to eat vegetables and fruits. It doesn’t matter if your children love to eat snack but make sure that they are eating healthy snack. If it is necessary, you can cook the foods by yourself so you know the ingredients.

There are several delicious healthy food recipes for children you can try. For example, you can prepare a pack of turkey sandwich, fruits salads, vegetables salads, and many more. Just manage the portion of their foods so they can get enough nutrient and vitamin to keep them active all day long.

keep active children health

Drinking Enough Water

Don’t let them play before drinking water. Drinking enough water keeps them hydrate and it prevents them for several diseases. It is also a good idea to ask them to bring a bottle so they can drink it anytime they want. In fact, it is a must for active children to drink water before, during, and after their playing and learning time. Just add it with fruits which contain a lot of water for variation.

Ask Them to Eat Breakfast

Some of children don’t want to eat their breakfast. Before it becomes an unhealthy habit, you can just try to ask them to eat breakfast. Try to cook their favorite breakfast menu so they have intention to eat their breakfast. Eating breakfast is very important because it gives them enough energy while playing and learning all day long. Well balanced breakfast is a must. For simple breakfast you can prepare banana and milk or low sugar cereal.


You can train them to do healthy lifestyle earlier. Besides eating healthy foods, you can also ask them to do exercise. Let them do the exercise with you. You don’t have to force them to do hard exercise. You can bring them to do simple exercise such as walking in the morning, running, or many more. Just remember to make them fun and happy while doing their activity including exercise. For active children it seems easy to do.

Try To Be a Good Role Model

Of course, it is not only about asking our children. As their parent, you should be a good role model. Because of that, you have to start to do healthy lifestyle for now. If you want them to eat vegetables and fruits so you have to do so. Actually, they will follow what you do. Let them involve in your healthy activities so they get used to with it.

It hopes by applying those tips above, you can keep your children active and healthy. You don’t have to feel sad because they ill after playing or learning activity. It is also considered as natural and affordable ways to keep the health of the entire family.