Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Good and The Bad of Today’s Modern Education System

Today we live in an era where technology is almost rule everything in our life, including modern education system. We unconsciously live in this system. Using projector or LCD during classes, referring material through the internet, and a lot of behavior showing our dependencies with technology in today’s education.  But is that good enough for us? Or is it making us worse? Here are the answers.

The good of modern education system

Today, knowledge has been developed into a lot of specific things and everybody can easily access them through the internet. It is also simple and easy to learn. Scientists explored new aspect in every single week or month. A lot of study or research have been made because of the advancement of technology used by the scientists and researcher.

modern education system

Now, everybody can learn everything on the internet. Every keyword they seek have become a subject of education. Modern education also equip us with abilities to be a professional worker.  A lot of pros teach what they can do to others whether in informal or formal education. Vocational education and skill development also take part in modern education, since the purpose of education now is to get a better career in life.

The bad of modern education system

There are also some downside in today’s education. Modern education is giving too much attention to formal schools and universities. A lot of universities and schools use a “spoon feeding” method in teaching their student. In early education, a lot of students have been taught a lot of things and this is bad because every human have their own interest. Fed by facts and knowledge is a bad thing that happened to almost all student in modern education system.

Today’s education taught its student something they don’t know, which mean they will not get a complete understanding if the teacher can’t understand the material as well. A sad thing that student, who live in modern education system, is having their knowledge just like the book they learned. Some people said that today, a lot of new “machine” are graduated from high school or universities.

Those are the good and the bad of today’s education system. It provides us with a lot of knowledge based on various research and study done by a lot of scientists and researcher. It is a matter of debate when talking whether modern education system is good or bad for today’s generation.