Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Benefit of Laughter

Laugher is one of the key components of happy life. It also has powerful benefits for your mental and physical health. No matter what problems you are facing, if you bring a little laugh in you life may reduce your worries.

Funny movie, friend’s jokes, sitcoms or toddlers are the most powerful source of the laughter. And the best thing of the laughter is your humor sense.

The benefit from laugh

There are many benefits of laugh such as protection you from depression and improving you heart health. Here, some benefits of laugh that you bring in your life:

● Laughter is good for you mental health. Even though, you cannot laugh because depression, believe me that one of the benefit of sense of humour and laughter is that laughter can help you against the negative thought in you life that might lead to depression.

Furthermore, research says that people who bring laugh and use humour in their life, they can be more positive about themselves. Additionally, the recent research showed that humor was effectively used for antipsychotic drugs.

benefit from laugh

● Laughter is good for physical health. Studies says that people who is laugh a lot should be has a good health and generally feel well. Laughter is commonly used by therapies for improved the quality life of patient. Therefore, laughs every day can keep the doctor away.

● Laughter is good for heart health. Research shows that when you laugh, your blood flow with rich of oxygen is an increase in your body. It might due to the release of endorphins, which create a chemical that prevent the negative feeling and stress. Actually, there are some activities can increase endorphins such as listening to the music, a good workout and obviously humor.

How to bring a laugh into your life?

There are many loving benefits of laughter, but sometimes you don’t know how to get a laugh? And sometimes you have to make an effort to laugh. If you are facing some problems such as work stress, an illness, or a tight budget, you should try to learn techniques to bring laughter in your life and feel the benefits of laughter. You can try some old techniques by recommendations:

1. You can rent a funny movie or a funny sitcom and watch it
2. You can read a funny book
3. Spent your more time with people who can make you laugh
4. Refresh your mind going to some places that help you remember a good time and make you laugh in the past.

And you can practice some laughter movement to feel the benefit of laughter while you are facing some stress:

1. You can practice laughter yoga. This is a combination of yoga breathing techniques and exhalation techniques to creates a laugh self. You can include this practice every day by adding a little laugh or smile when you meet some people or introduce your self.

2. You should find a buddy who can make you laugh. It is the best recommendation to get together with other people to laugh. It may a little hard to get laugh alone, although you watches a funny movie. But, your buddy can make you laugh, easily.

3. You can try being positive with your problems in life and trying to smile. It can build you positive mind about yourself and of course, you will feel the benefits of the laugh.