Monday, March 27, 2017

Super Foods for active teenager

For a mom, it is best to pack their children with nutrients food that will help their children stay active and energized and stay away from disease. Teenager has been noted for their terrible and unhealthy eating habit. They are typically to eat only junk food or food that tastes good.

They forget to consume what called with nutrient that important for their developing and preventing them from disease. Prepare healthy meal for teen will help them to have good eating habit that continued to their lives. The super foods for super active teenager should contain with vitamins and minerals that teenager need for their daily energy.

Super Foods for active teenager

Compared with other groups, teenagers need more energy for their rapid activity. The energy that sources from calories is bases daily record that boys need about 2500 to 3000 calories and teenager girl need at least 2200 calories daily.

There are two essential nutrients that important for teenager, the calcium and iron that function for building strong bones and limit the osteoporosis risk. The teen especially need calcium for maintain muscle tissues and heartbeat, especially if they are teen athletes. Iron function help red blood cells to deliver oxygen throughout body and give your teens energy.

The weakness and fatigue symptom that appears is usually connected to diet that have shortage of iron. Teenage girl, since they are concern to the body image, so they need to avoid fatty food such as dairy products. Here are the super foods that not only deliver high nutrients but also delicious taste that makes your teenager love to take it for their daily meals.

First is group of fruits and vegetables. Most of vegetables virtual no calories but it contain with much of nutrients. Two carrots daily give your teens double nutrient of beta carotene and lower the cholesterol. Add broccoli to your teens salads as it reduce risk for cancer diseases includes throat, stomach, breast cancer and lung. Celery is other vegetables that lowering blood pressure and add flavor to your meals by dipping into homemade guacamole from tomato and avocado.

Next, is your teen calcium source. Choose frozen yogurt that added with cashews or walnuts. Low fat yogurt is great source for calcium and protein that important for immune system improvement. Nuts has high amount of zinc, magnesium and iron, and fat is unsaturated that good for health. The recommended serving for nut is about 1/3 cup cashew, ¼ cup walnuts, 177 calories or 8 ounce yogurt.  Give your teens snack with fruits. When your children so much active, meet with right portion and choice is important to consider.