Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Protecting Kids during Cold Weather

When cold weather comes, parents must be in alert. Compared to adults, children’s immune system is not as strong as us. That is why whenever the weather is cold, your kids might have higher chance of catching a cold. If you are worried of your children, it is better for you to prepare things which can be used to protect your children. Actually, there are many things that you can do to protect your kids from cold weather. Here are several things that will be very useful for you. It is obviously what you are looking for when it comes to cold weather.

Protecting Kids during Cold Weather

Keep the Warmth

Even though the weather is cold, it does not mean that the school will be closed. The kids still need to go to school. Here, your role as parent is important since you have to make sure that your kids are warm when they are in school. Instead of doing something useless, the first prevention you can do is occupy your kids with thick clothes and layers. There are three areas that you have to cover; head, neck, and hands. If you feel warm with two layers of clothes, then it is better to add one more layers for kids. Therefore, the kids will be warm and healthy.

It is also important for you to tell your kids to stay warm. When winter comes, many children like to play snow or other winter activities. You should not stop them from having fun. It is good to let the kids playing with snow. However, you should make sure that you tell the kids to come inside the house when their clothes are wet or when they feel cold. Wet clothes during winter is the very dangerous since it will higher the chance of the kids to get fever or catch a cold. Therefore, you have to change their clothes with dry clothes.

Keep the Kids Hydrated

Another thing that you have to do for your kids to protect them from winter is to keep them hydrated. Since they sweat less than during summer, kids would not think that they are thirsty. It might be true but actually during winter you will lose more water through your breath. It also happens with the children. Therefore, as a parent you have to make sure that you give them warm drinks. You can also prepare warm soup that they can drink after playing outside. If the body lacks of water, the person will lose focus and the health will go down.

Notice Danger Signs

It is also important for you to notice danger signs that might happen to your kids. Whenever you think that your children are pale or having blistered skin on the parts of their body, you have to take them inside the house and take care of the frostbite. You have to also know the sign of hypothermia such as shivering, unusual clumsiness and also slurred speech. You should call the ambulance immediately whenever there is something wrong with your kids. Therefore, the kids will get the right treatment as soon as possible.