Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Famous Types of Diet

When you hear the word “diet”, what thing that comes into your mind? Most of people think that diet is painful because diet requires people to only eat certain food. However, it is not true. The types of diet depend on the purpose of the diet itself, such as for gaining weight, losing weight, lowering cholesterol, etc. Here you can see the types of diet, the benefits, and how to do it. (Related Article: Why People Should Do Diet and Benefits of Diet)

1. Mediterranean Diet

When you see the name of this diet, you will know that this diet comes from Mediterranean. This kind of diet emphasis on the fresh food from plants, fresh dessert from fruits, nuts, olive oil, and cereals. This diet also requires people to consume fish since it contains a lot of proteins. This type of diet also requires people to eat yoghurt.

types of diet

2. Atkins Diet

Have you ever heard about Atkins Diet? Atkins Diet is one of the types of diet focuses on controlling the level of insulin in human’s body. This diet forbids the people to consume the food which contains too much carbohydrate because it will increase the insulin level. The most important thing to eat according to the Atkins Diet is consuming the food which contains protein.

3. The Zone Diet

This is one of the most popular diet which is applied by people all over the world. this one of the types of diet requires people to eat balanced food, which contains nutritional food. According to the Zone Diet, people should eat the food which contains 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 30% fats. This diet also focuses on controlling the level of insulin. It is aimed to control the body weight and weight loss. The most important thing from this diet is consuming the good food which contains good carbohydrate.

How to Commit a Diet

Remember the purpose of doing diet. When you are too tired to do the diet and you want to give up, you should remember the purpose of doing the diet. If you want to become healthier, you should remember that you need to continue doing it so that you will stay healthy. If your purpose of doing diet is to lose your weight, you should remember that you need to have ideal body. Once you stop doing diet, your weight may be increased. So, it is better for you to continue your diet. The next thing that you need to know is about the types of diet.

Diet is not always a bad thing. There are some types of diet which will be very beneficial for people. There are 3 types of the beneficial diets, such as Atkins Diet, Mediterranean Diet, and The Zone Diet. Each types of diet has different purpose. People can choose what kind of diet that they want to apply according to their need. The most important thing from the diet is consuming the balanced food which contain nutrients which are very useful to the human’s body. Remember those types of diet and choose the most suitable diet for you to apply.