Saturday, March 25, 2017

Energetic Mom for happy healthy family

Everyone knows that a mother role is important for family.  In ideal, a mother should have 8 hours for sleep and take refresh for next day activity. But all of us know that it is almost impossible, especially if they are a busy mother that also works outside. Instead, they become tempered mother who always angry when they need to rest but the home condition going bad. Here, the guideline for every mom to save their brain from stress and recharge with energy tank quickly.

healthy family

Safe your body with a bottle of water

Let I give you something to know, dehydration, even mild dehydration can influence your body before you know that you are thirsty. When you get dehydration, then you may experience with headaches, tired, feel lack of energy and fatigue. If you feel that you need to re-energized yourself quickly, then take a full bottle water.

Take a shower or bath

There are nothing pleasure for a mother to take bath or shower in the middle of their day. This will tottaly make them as new person to start new activity.

Become a “bad mother”

Even, for a nice and lovely mother, they need to be a quick break from their kids even for just 5 minutes. It is OK for put your kids in front of TV for a while to wait you become energized again.

Get Active Move

Research shows that have regular exercises is better rather than take a nap to boost energy levels. It is important to have constant regular exercises every day. Just take a brisk walk with your children stroller or stand up to do some stretches or take benefit from playing with your kids.

Don’t skip breakfast

Everyone know that breakfast is important for start day.  Take breakfast is better rather than take caffeine in morning. Take caffeine is not equal for provide same energy from a healthy breakfast.

Keep steady on your blood sugar

The energy that you get from sugar or soda will quick rushed and you might feel more tired after you get activity. Your blood sugar fluctuations can rough the energy level from your body. Take regular small snack to keep your energy keel. Keep the snacks with good combination of carbohydrate and protein to keeping slow energy release.

Always give your body with bedtime

For a mother, have eight hours of sleep might not realistic but you can survive enough with only 5 hours instead.