Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Best Exchange Program and Scholarship in USA

Getting scholarship is one of the biggest dream for students. Perhaps some people still confused on how to get the scholarship. You just need to find the information about how to get scholarship. The first thing that you need to do is finding the university that you want to enter. Then, you search the requirements to get the scholarships. (Related Article: Beneficial Scholarship Tips for You)

There is another way for you to learn abroad. Before you apply for the scholarship to the university abroad, perhaps you can try the exchange program. It will be very beneficial for you if you want to continue your study abroad later. Basically, the exchange program is learning in a university abroad for 1 semester. Here you can see the Exchange Program and Scholarship in USA.

exchange program and scholarship

Exchange Program and Scholarship in USA: Global Undergraduate Exchange Program

This is one of the exchange program which is for the undergraduate students all over the world who want to experience learning in certain university abroad. This exchange program provides just 1 semester of the scholarship for the selected undergraduate students. This program is very good because it provides the full time study, professional development, community services, and also cultural enrichment. This program is basically administered by the US Department of the World Learning. You can choose between 60 universities or colleges around USA. You do not need to be worry because it accept all students from all study fields. However, you also need to know that this program only accepts around 250 applicants.

What will you get from this program? You will get the international travel, the room and board, the tuition, insurance for accidents or sickness, funding for books, and also the small monthly stipend. For you who are not from English field, you will have the English training in the US before you start the program.

Exchange Program and Scholarship in USA: Fulbright Scholarship

If you want to have a scholarship, have you chosen the country that you want to choose? One of the most popular country which become the destination to learn there is the USA. So, most of students really want to find a scholarship so that they can study there.

One of the most famous scholarship is Fulbright Foreign Student Program, or we may know as Fulbright Scholarship. This scholarship program enables the students who are already graduated. If you are an artist or young professionals who wants to conduct a research in the USA, you can try to apply this scholarship program. You can choose any university in USA that you really want to enter. This scholarship program give the opportunity for the students from any field study to apply. Fulbright scholarship will accept around 4000 students each year. If you are accepted, you will get the grant funds tuition, health insurance, a living stipend, and also the airfare. If you want to know more about this scholarship, you can check the Fulbright website.

For you who want to have an experience in learning in certain university abroad, you can try to apply the Exchange Program and Scholarship, especially in the USA.