Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Allowing Kids to Have Cell Phone

Nowadays, technology holds important role in our life. It is obvious that each person owns at least a cell phone on his hand. Cell phone is very useful in many ways. It lets you live a practical life. That is why it makes sense if there are people who cannot do anything without their cell phone. You have to admit that you also let your kids use your cell phone. However, have you ever let them have their own cell phone? Many parents are clueless about the effect of cell phone so that they just let their kids own a cell phone. Will you let your kids own one too?

When it comes to cell phone, it is obvious that there are so many benefits of using it. However, it also has bad effects that you should avoid. Cell phone has radiation that is bad for brain and body. Besides, it will also prevent you from comfortable sleeping. Therefore, many people argue about allowing their kids to own cell phone. If you have the same thought, you should not worry. There is nothing wrong to let your kids own a cell phone but you have to check the rules below before letting your kids bring a cell phone.

Allowing Kids to Have Cell Phone

Buy a Basic Cell Phone

Instead of smartphone, it is much better for you to buy the kids a basic phone. Basic phone is much better since it does not have internet access or games. The only function you can let them have is for texting and calling. It will be very useful for you since you can just simply call them to know their location. Besides, they can also directly call you whenever there is any condition happen to them. Here, you should save your numbers and other important numbers such as police, ambulance, or fire extinguisher.

Limit the Usage

Besides letting your kids having basic cell phone, it is also important for you to set the limit. You can use the kids protecting feature in the phone. It means the activities of your kids’ cell phone should be limited. If there is no such feature available, you should tell your kids the limit by yourself. You should tell them that they have to pay the bill if they go over the limit. Here, you can change the payment to study or any work house that they likes. Therefore, it will be great for you to teach them how to work as well.

Limit the Time

When you give the cell phone to your kids, the next thing you have to do is to tell them the time allowed to use the phone. You have to make sure that your kids do not spend most of their time with smart phone since it will be bad for their health. You have to also tell them that they should put the phone far from the bed when they sleep. By following these rules, you will be able to see how the cell phone functions properly and you can still let your kids to be the cool kid who owns a cell phone.